My Kinda Saturday

Last year, there was no spring in Turkey.  I got cranky when it was early June and I was still wearing a jacket! Then one day it went from freezing cold to blazing hot… at least we had a summer.

But this year we’ve had the gift of a proper spring….and it even came early!  The weather has been sooooooooo nice since early April.  The first day it warmed up, we decided to go out and enjoy it!

First, A bought shoelaces from a man on the street who makes his living polishing shoes.

Then we sat at a sidewalk cafe that specializes in Iskender Kebap.  They brought out our starters first.

nice lavash, pickled veggies, salad, and a spicy tomato puree

Then it was time for Iskender Kebap.  Iskender consists of flatbread topped with thinly-sliced roasted meat (usually beef), a simple tomato sauce, and a side of plain yogurt….if that isn’t enough, watch what the waiter pours on top of it all once he brings the plate to the table:

I know I said you couldn’t make it in the states…but I’m hoping to prove myself wrong this summer!


2 thoughts on “My Kinda Saturday

  1. That dish with the butter on top looks amazing!! And that girl eating it looks even more amazing!!

    • Thanks, sis! You too can look this good eating Iskender when I make if for you this summer : P
      Seeing your comments reminds me I should tell other people that I started a blog but I kind of like sharing it only with you…since I started it for you! Love you and cannnnnnot wait to see you next month! Hug and kiss the little ones for me (so excited that I get to do it myself in 39 days!)

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