About My Turkish Life

Before I moved to Turkey, I had no clue what my life would be like here. My friends and family (in the states) ask me what my life is like in Turkey so this is my way of showing them.  Most of all this blog is for my sister who is the mother of 3 very small children.  Needless to say, my sister and brother-in-law aren’t crazy enough to get on a plane anytime soon.  So this is my way of sharing my life with her.  I’m planning to write mostly about my experiences and the food (which is ah-maz-ing!)

About Me

When I read a blog, I like to feel like I “know” the person writing it at least a little bit…and being a classic ENFP (a la Myers-Briggs), I love knowing people and being known ….so to that end, I made a list of things I love…it is not comprehensive but it is alphabetical : )

“A” my husband.

Beautiful novels. Beautiful food. Butter (my mother taught me well).

Curry (Japanese, Indian, Malaysian, Thai….I never met a curry I didn’t like). Champagne. Chocolate (of course).

Dancing. Dan in Real Life (the movie). Dogs (sweet ones).

Eda, my dearest friend.

Family, mine is wonderful and slightly crazy in a fun way.  Friends, I am lucky to have great ones.

Going new places and experiencing new things.

Helping people ( I studied social work and worked with abused children for several years)

Ice cream- massive amounts of it in all sorts of flavors (I miss the variety of ice cream in the states).

Jasmine green tea in the morning.

Kissing : )

Loooong walks.

Momma (my maternal grandmother) who still calls me sweet doll….love her!

No-no, Eva, and Charlie (my precious nieces and nephew).

Outdoor living (not so much camping as much as chillin’ on the balcony or sitting in the park).

People of all ages and all walks of life. Pancakes on Saturday mornings. Pilates.

Quiet afternoons spent sitting in an empty cafe and writing for hours

Running (at least I used to love it until my knee forced me to give it up…now I just miss it).

Scent of orange, jasmine, lavender, grapefruit, ginger and cinnamon (and the flavor of them too) and sleep!

Turkey (the country, its people and its food), textiles with lots of embroidery and color (Turkey has such beautiful textiles and hali)

Unexpected surprises (the good kind).

Veggies (except beets…sorry beets, but you taste like dirt).

Water (I love the sea and the fact that Turkey has three beautiful coastlines).

eXtra sauce on pretty much anything- proof that I am my father’s daughter.

Yoga (the fitness kind).

Zumba (I tried to resist but I can’t help but love it).


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